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Iran 'Put On Notice' After Missile Launch

Iran ‘Put On Notice’ After Missile Launch


National Security Advisor Michael Flynn announced at the White House Wednesday that the U.S. is “putting Iran on notice” after it tested a ballistic missile. (Feb. 1) AP

Iran violated a UN resolution and caused quite a stir today after test-firing a ballistic missile without approval.

The launch prompted the US to accuse Iran of violating UN resolution 2231, which “calls upon” Iran not to…

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Toyota to recall 543,000 defective vehicles in USA
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Media beware, your credibility is all you have: Column
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For the first time, Lady Liberty depicted as African American on a coin.
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KJN; Breaking News

Samsung leader quizzed for over 22 hours in South Korea corruption scandal
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South China Sea: Paul Keating says Rex Tillerson threatening to involve Australia in war
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Chinese tabloid says US needs to ‘wage war’ to block off South China Sea islands
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TRUMP TO CNN “You’re Fake News”

Trump puts CNN in its place
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Trump taps two sons to head company as he ascends to presidency
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Donald Trump repeatedly refused to take a CNN reporter’s question during his press conference
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Obama On His Own Legacy;

Obama Claims “Made America A Better, Stronger Place” Despite Being At War Every Day Of His 2 Terms
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No evidence Trump campaign or RNC ‘successfully hacked’: FBI director
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Families of Americans killed by ISIS are suing Twitter for allegedly providing 'tremendous utility and value’ to the terrorist organization
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FBI Paying Geek Squad?

The FBI Is Apparently Paying Geek Squad Members To Dig Around In Computers For Evidence Of Criminal Activity
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Jared Kushner Named Senior White House Adviser to Donald Trump
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Fort Lauderdale Shooting: Should the FBI Have Done More to Stop Florida Airport Suspect?
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The Donald Trump Cabinet Tracker 2017
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Boris Johnson flies to New York for talks with Donald Trump’s team
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Trump’s chief of staff acknowledges that Russia was behind DNC hacks
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US Army To Allow Turbans

WASHINGTON – The Army this week updated regulations to allow Sikh and Muslim soldiers to cover their heads, and Sikhs to maintain their beards.
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The Obama chapter in American foreign policy ends like the climax of an action movie—with a fireball growing in the distance and filling the screen as a man in silhouette approaches in slow motion and then veers off camera. Barack Obama has set the Middle East on fire, and now it’s spreading.
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The president-elect took to Twitter on Saturday to discuss the potential U.S.-Russia relationship under his administration, a day after U.S. spy chiefs briefed him on the Russian measures they said were directed by President Vladimir Putin.
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Breaking News: Russia Hacking

Donald Trump: Russian hacking had ‘no effect’ on vote

US president-elect blames Democratic Party for allowing Russian hackers to breach its computer systems.

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Trump, Putin, and the Big Hack

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Putin’s 'act of war’ against American democracy;

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